Charity Starts At Home

When Christmas rolls around each year, people often find themselves with little to celebrate. From having no money for presents or food to being alone due to a lack of friends or the passing away of family members, the season can be one of despair for many. However, to demonstrate the level of goodness that still exists in people, those who have been blessed with good fortune choose to give back to those in their community. Knowing charity starts at home, a group of volunteers from RPS Solutions and Christ Haven Pentecostal Church recently organized and conducted a holiday toy drive and luncheon at the Philadelphia church, where they passed out toys and fed well over 200 community residents.

Organizing the Toy Drive

Knowing a toy drive and luncheon would be a massive undertaking, utilizing managerial and organization skills learned in the business world to make sure this endeavor would be a huge success. First, we started by speaking with Pastor William Todd of Christ Haven, where the two discussed such things as organizing volunteers, the types of toys to get, age groups that would be best served, and other details. Once this was done, the group also joined forces with local social service agencies and first responders, where they decided on drop-off points for the toys and garnered as much media publicity as possible.

Why Christ Haven Church?

Of all the churches in the Philadelphia area, Christ Haven Church seemed to be the best choice for this holiday special occasion. A fixture in the area since 1983, Christ Haven has always been a leader in helping not only its members, but also community residents who need a helping hand. Committed to creating, growing, and nurturing relationships across generations, Pastor Todd and the staff at Christ Haven are well-known in the local area for their tireless efforts to make life better for those in need.

Walking the Walk

Since RPS Solutions LLC is committed to helping provide affordable housing options for local residents who may have limited resources, it’s only natural that this company would take their time over the holiday season to ensure others would be happy. Epitomizing the company’s core values of respect, justice, and quality, we have always felt it was important to help raise the self-esteem and dignity of people everywhere, no matter their situation. As a result, RPS not only donates their time and energy to toy drives and holiday luncheons for those less fortunate, but also spends much of his time working with kids in his community. An avid sports fan, I have coached youth sports teams for many years, and has also served on various advisory boards that dealt with important local issues. Having received many professional awards for his service, professionalism, and work with various municipalities in Maryland and Pennsylvania, we work hard to demonstrate each and every day that it is important to not just talk the talk, but to also walk the walk.

Good Housing for All

While working at RPS Solutions LLC, the staff have made it their mission to help first-time home buyers, seniors, and others gain access to affordable housing that is also stylish and elegant. By doing so, RPS feels strongly that communities can be strengthened socially as well as economically. Along with this, he also believes neighborhoods as well as the lives of residents can be stabilized and transformed in numerous positive ways.

A Smashing Success

When it came time for the Christmas toy drive and luncheon, everyone associated with it deemed it to be a smashing success. Passing out toys to infants, teenagers, and all ages in between, as well as helping feed well over 200 local residents, made the day one in which everyone realized there are still many people in today’s world who care and are willing to help when times get tough. From the fellowship residents enjoyed at the church to being able to walk away with toys and a good meal, most people associated with the event expect it to become an annual tradition.

Challenges As Opportunities

But helping others in need is nothing new. Always viewing challenges as opportunities, we have established an industry-wide reputation for excellence in the workplace. As he continues on his quest to make communities stronger and help as many people as possible gain affordable housing, it’s clear we have this as a lifelong passion and mission. Whether helping first-time home buyers get the home of their dreams or working with local churches to organize toy drives and luncheons at Christmas.


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Kevin Seawright

Founder of RPS Solutions LLC and, formerly with the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, and Tito Contractors.